Money Saving Monday: May 23

road trip money tips

Hope you're all enjoying a worry-free Monday! Today we're taking a look at the latest and greatest personal finance articles to save money during summer, travel and even the not-so-fun stuff in between.

If you're a Game of Thrones fan (and who isn't, these days?), check out these tips at US News Money to see filming locations up close and personal - on a budget.

Preparing for the summer heat in a smart way can pad your wallet. C|Net offers six rules to save money on air conditioning.

At Huffington Post, read seven money-saving tips for a summer road trip, and don't forget the tunes...

...Gizmodo recommends Spotify's new family plan for a cheaper option to stream music.

Lastly, Main Street wisely advises shoppers to check out everything you can do with coupon codes before you buy online!

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