Money Saving Monday: March 21

Money roll

Has anyone else caught Spring Fever? Even if looking out your window doesn't offer visions of sunshine and flowers, Spring did officially begin yesterday. In that case, let's get ready to take on this new season with the latest in frugal and finance advice:

WBAL-TV and Home Depot have tips and advice to get started on your spring cleaning. And when you're done with your house, don't forget to spring clean your closet - Bustle has a how-to guide.

If you're a new parent, check out's seven easy ways to save money on diapers.

Celebrating Easter this weekend? Find tons of amazing recipe ideas, DIY craft and money-saving tips on our Frugal Easter Pinterest board.

If you want to instantly (and cheaply!) upgrade some of your old favorites, take a few pages out of Buzzfeed DIY for ideas.

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