Money Saving Monday: February 23

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It's tax season, the winter weather is still hanging on for many of us, and spring seems awfully far away. Cheer up - this is a great time of year to save money so you can really enjoy those warmer months later on. Here is the best advice we could find this week:

If you find you’re not using your expensive gym membership because it’s just too cold outside, consider a hiatus and download these free fitness apps instead, suggested by US News Money.

Dave Ramsey offers 3 fancy tax tricks that could save you money.

Heading to the movies is a great winter escape, but that doesn't mean you have to fork over a ton of cash. KARE11 reports on six ideas for saving money at the movies.

Forbes outlines 13 common money mistakes – and their solutions.

Trying to build up your nest egg? Here’s what not to do when saving money, via Bankrate.

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