Money Saving Monday: February 12

guus-baggermans-331797Setting a budget for your weekly or monthly groceries can seem impossible. Whether you had a long day at work and decide to eat out (which may happen a few times a month), or you grocery shop on a whim periodically throughout the week, these costs can add up. Maybe, planning your meals at the beginning of the month can save you a lot of money. See how these bloggers slash prices on their food purchases.

With these simple yet delicious meals, Minismama explains her 1 Month Family of 4 $100 Grocery Challenge.

No Getting Off This Train explains “How We Ate For $37 A Week For A Year”.

See how The Busy Budgeter spends $70/week on breakfast, lunch, and dinner for four people.

Filling up on hearty oatmeal in the morning can save money on snacks throughout the day. This is just one of the helpful tips from The Thrifty Frugal Mom and her $200/Month Menu Plan for her family of 5.


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