Money Saving Monday: August 17

Money roll

Happy Monday! How is the end of summer treating you all? If you have any tips you'd like to see in future Money Saving Monday posts, please feel free to comment below.

Here's this week's crop of helpful articles to manage your spending and save more money:

Have you looked at your cable bill lately? With all the streaming options now, US News says you might be able to cut the cord (or at least shave it down).

Need more convincing? According to Business Insider, these 15 items are money-wasters (and one of them is cable).

If you can't believe summer is nearing an end and you still haven't gone on vacation, check out these August travel deals on USA Today.

Lastly, this writer at TechInsider came up with an easy way to save $100 a month. See what you think!

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