How to Save Money on your Dream Wedding

Money-Saving Wedding Tips

In an age where we have instant access to celebrity weddings and Pinterest inspiration boards, it can be very difficult to come down to earth and plan a wedding on a budget. We are officially in wedding season, and summer is the busiest time for weddings, which also means it can be the most expensive.

Never fear, here are the tips and advice you need to start planning the wedding of your dreams without spending a fortune.

  1. Venue: To avoid paying two separate fees, consider a location where you can have both the ceremony and reception. Choosing one location will also cut down on expenses such as renting a limo to travel from one location to another. You can save more on venue costs by having early-afternoon receptions or a wedding on a “non-traditional day” like Friday or Sunday. Of course, it is important to consider any out-of-town guests that may have trouble getting to your event. Receptions held on Saturdays or in the evening cost a lot more money, and even run the risk of running over your allotted time, giving you a surprise bill at the end of the wedding.
  1. Photography: Instead of hiring a full-time photographer, look for one that is part-time. Part-time photographers can afford to charge less because they have other sources of income. You could also hire an associate photographer who is more willing to negotiate prices. Since many photographers charge by the hour, schedule special moments such as toasts, cake cutting, and dances immediately after the ceremony so they can capture these moments right away.
  1. Food & Drinks: Serve a buffet of hors d'oeuvres and small dishes at your reception instead of full course meals. Not only will your guests have more options to choose from, but these types of food are a lot less expensive than traditional wedding meals. When choosing a wedding cake, choose a buttercream or cream cheese frosting instead of fondant. Fondant requires more time and labor from the baker, causing them to charge more for the cake. You can also save on your wedding cake expenses by using a smaller, decorated cake for cutting and a sheet cake to serve to guests.
  1. Flowers & Décor: Flowers are a major expense for weddings, but you can save money by choosing a venue that doesn’t require much décor. If the venue already decorated, you won’t need to add much to make the venue look nice. There are also many places where you can buy realistic looking artificial flowers that are both beautiful and inexpensive.
  1. Entertainment: Hiring a wedding band or a DJ can cost a fortune. Instead, hire music students. Students are more likely to offer you a reasonable price and likely have many hours of performance experience. You can also choose a band that is local. Bands that have to travel far distances will charge more to make up for their own traveling fees.

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