How to Save Money on Frozen Food

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March is National Frozen Food Month! It's the perfect time to check out what's new, stock your freezer and of course - find out how to save money on tasty frozen items.

1. Try new stores

If you're tired of seeing the same brands and frozen food items at your local grocery store each week, try visiting box stores or a different grocery store chain to mix it up. There are a ton of smaller frozen food brands that are slowly getting picked up more stores, but may not be available at your tried-and-true market. Stores such as Target and Walmart carry a wide variety of labels, so the next time you head in check out the frozen food aisle. But before you do, make sure you...

2. Search for coupons first

Before you head to the store, look for coupons first. The easiest way to find coupons is online - check out this link and click on the "Frozen Food" category. You can print them at home, or check to see if you are able to get them scanned directly from your mobile device. Sometimes you can even combine manufacturer's coupons with a store sale; check your store's weekly ad first (here's a convenient link where you can look up dozens of store circulars online).

3. Freeze it

We're celebrating "Frozen Food Month," but that doesn't just mean food you buy that is already frozen. Freezing your food can save you so much money in the long run. Here are a few ideas to make your groceries last longer, add convenience to your dinner prep, take advantage of holiday sales and so much more:

  • Overripe banana? Peel it, bag it and stick it in the freezer. Repeat every time you are left with an overripe banana (let's be honest: it happens a lot) - then, when you have enough, take them out to thaw and bake them into banana bread!
  • If you're looking for a fruit or vegetable that isn't in-season, head to the freezer aisle instead. Frozen fruits and vegetables are harvested at the height of their freshness. You'll save money and avoid overpriced fresh fruit that isn't in season, and the risk of it rotting before you get a chance to eat it.
  • If you didn't eat a loaf of bread in time, freeze it before it gets stale.
  • Prepping food ahead of time and freezing them will save you on a busy day. Search in Pinterest for "make ahead meals to freeze" and you'll have countless delicious recipes to choose from, from breakfast sandwiches to stews and casseroles.
  • Next time a holiday like Valentine's or Easter passes by, pick up bags of candy at 75% off and throw them in the freezer. This will come in handy for recipes later on, and at a fraction of the price!

What are some of your favorite frozen food brands?

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