How to Celebrate Halloween on the Cheap

Cheap Halloween

Today is Halloween, one of the most fun and creative holidays of the year. From trick-or-treating to costume parties, there are plenty of ways to participate. If you’re not careful, celebrating Halloween can get pretty pricey. Fortunately you can have a great time tonight without spending too much money. Take a look at these Halloween money-saving tips:

  • Saving on Treats: If you plan on handing out candy this year, make sure you aren’t spending more than you have to. You can save money by buying bulk packages at places like Costco and BJ's Wholesale Club instead of individual packages at your local grocery store. With larger packages, you’ll not only get more for your money but you will spend less per item. Be wary of the quantity you need; otherwise you may be stuck with a bunch of leftovers. Some children are not allowed to take candy due to food allergies, so instead spend half of your budget on treats and the other half on non-food items. Try mini coloring books or Halloween toys that can also be bought in bulk to ensure that every cent spent on treats is worth it.
  • Decorations: Part of the trick-or-treating experience is seeing all the houses in your neighborhood adorned with the best and spookiest decorations. Halloween decorations can be very expensive in stores, so instead of overspending on costly store items, use some of your everyday household items to make the spookiest decorations. Check out how to make Trash Bag Spider Webs, Bloody Handprint Clings, or any of these 20 DIY Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas. For a decoration you see in the store that would go perfect in your home, look for a coupon code first, or wait until after Halloween to stock up on clearance items for next year.
  • Last-Minute Costumes: Since the holiday is now upon us, many stores are discounting costumes to clear the shelves of inventory. You could even combine costume accessories with clothing you already have to create the look you want without paying full price for a full costume. Stores like Party City and Halloween City are the perfect places to find what you need at a lower price. If you’re into DIY costumes, you can add to your savings by creating a look entirely out of items you already have. Check out these DIY ideas to get the costume you want without spending much money at all.

To save even more money on Halloween, take a look at these deals below:

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