How Much Would Your Favorite Movie Wedding Cost? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ever wondered how much money your favorite movie wedding would really cost?

We did the math on five famous (fictional!) weddings to see exactly the kind of bill these nuptials would ring up - no pun intended. Take a look at our infographic below to see the facts on weddings featured in Bridesmaids, Father of the Bride, Sex and the City, The Hangover and Twilight: Breaking Dawn.

(Note: Our infographic states in the movie Twilight: Breaking Dawn that Bella's mother, Renee lives in California. However, at the time of the wedding, she lived in Jacksonville, Florida. We apologize for this oversight. Airfare from Jacksonville to Seattle would cost approximately $475.)

How Much Do Movie Weddings Cost Infographic


7 thoughts on “How Much Would Your Favorite Movie Wedding Cost? [INFOGRAPHIC]”

  1. While I appreciate the intention of this article (hey Pinterest bride with a $500 budget, let's have a come to Jesus moment), I think the infographic creators were generous. Father of the Bride venue was not really free. They had a "bring it all in venue" and had to clear the space, then add to it. Remember the Geese? Then tables, florals, etc Yeah, hardly free.

  2. The only thing that stuck out to me about this was that if this is based on the movies, Renee Dwyer, Bella's mom, was living in Jacksonville Florida, making the plane ticket to Washington slightly more expensive in addition to there being two tickets since she wouldn't be there without her husband, Phil.

  3. Hi Heather, thanks for reading and for your feedback. It would be a challenge to incorporate all of the details of each wedding into just one infographic... however, you're certainly right that the Father of the Bride wedding as a whole was in no way "budget-friendly"!

  4. Hi Renee,

    Thank you for pointing this out - this was an oversight by our team. We have clarified in our blog post.

  5. Bella's food and drink costs would have been more because there were only the Cullen and the Denali clans at her wedding making a total of 12 vampires out of 100 guests, not the 50 as stated above. That leaves 88 humans to feed. Plus you have to take into account the Champaine that EVERYONE, including all the vampires, enjoyed during the toasts.

  6. I see that you found Zac Posen's affordable collection from David's Bridal, but those ladies most certainly did not wear dresses from David's Bridal. Also, the original dress that Carrie purchased- you know, the thrift store nameless suit: Dior, that season.

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