Here’s how to use Amazon’s Trade-In Program

Amazon's Trade In Program

If you are an avid Amazon user, then you already know there are thousands of items you can find on their site for great deals, as well as unique services for users including Amazon Prime, Amazon Web Services, and Alexa. However, you might be unaware of Amazon's Trade-In Program. For users 18 and over, Amazon created a special program in which any of their members can send in used items to third-party merchants in exchange for payment. Here’s how it works:

Amazon’s Trade-In Program allows you to submit items in many different categories. Some of their requirements are as follows:

Movies & TV: When submitting movie or TV show discs for consideration, you have to verify the item is the exact same version as the one that appears in the search results or its product page. Amazon also requires you be transparent about not only the exact title of the disc, but the disc’s format (DVD, Blu-Ray, etc.), the edition, and whether or not the disc has any scratches.

Books: If you would like to trade in a book, such as a college textbook, make sure you also enclose any originally included items such as CD-ROMS, study guides, and access codes. It is best to make sure the book is only lightly highlighted and gently used.

Video Games and Accessories: Much like with movies, you must disclose the edition and format of any video games you trade in. Also, when you are trading in a console bundle, you have to include not only the games but all the accessories as well.

Members can also trade in items such as phones, calculators, cameras, tablets, and other electronics.

During the trade-in process, some people may be able to choose the option of immediate payment. Once an item is submitted online, the user will automatically receive an Amazon gift card applied to their account. Another method of payment is to receive a gift card once the trade has been accepted and processed.

The best part about this program is that all shipping is free. You also have the option to cancel any submissions if you change your mind.

Take a look here to find out how to get started.

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