Grocery Shopping Hacks

grocery hacks

Buying groceries can be one of the most expensive weekly chores we have to do. Take a look at some of these hacks that can make your next trip easier and cheaper.

Double-check Expiration Dates:

Before quickly grabbing the cheapest products, make sure you double check all of the expiration dates. At grocery stores, they tend to push the products that are about to expire to the front on the shelves so customers will take them home. It may be more worth it to dig through the back and grab something that won’t be expiring anytime soon so that you get your money’s worth.

Seasonal Produce:

Before you head to the grocery store, learn which produce is in season. When out of season, the prices tend to go up. Shopping for items during their season will ensure that you are always paying for them at their lowest prices.  Check out this list of seasonal fruits and veggies and find out the best time of year to buy all the produce you love.

Loyalty Programs:

One of the easiest ways to save money while grocery shopping is to join your store’s loyalty program. Most grocery stores will offer customers the option to sign-up for their program for free. When you sign up and make purchases, you will earn points, get access to exclusive deals and receive coupons for other visits. Make sure to save every receipt after shopping since they sometimes include special coupons and promotions.

Couponing and Cash Back:

BeFrugal has plenty of grocery coupons for you to print or access on your mobile phone. You can even use cash back when you order ahead online at stores like Walmart, BJ's Wholesale Club, and more. With cash back, you receive a percentage of your purchase back, plus you can combine these savings with coupons and deals.

Study the Shelves

A common trick that grocery stores use to get customers to spend more money is to keep the most expensive goods at eye level and put the cheaper products both at the very top and bottom of the shelves. This tactic is used so that the priciest items are more likely to get picked up. Next time you visit the grocery store, try looking at items at the top and bottom of the shelves to find more deals.

Here are some more grocery deals below:

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