Fun Facts for National Boy Scouts Day

National Boy Scouts DAy

Today is National Boy Scouts Day where we recognize one of the country’s most prominent youth organizations. For 100 years, The Boy Scouts of America have helped millions of young men build lifelong skills. We put together a list of fun facts about the organization you may not have been aware of.

  • The Boy Scouts was originally founded in England by General Robert Baden-Powell in 1907.
  • An American newspaperman named W.D. Boyce founded the Boy Scouts of America in the United States in 1910, after he was helped in England by a boy scout that gave him directions.
  • David Bowie’s first musical performance took place at a boy scouts camp in 1958.
  • Both Paul McCartney and John Lennon were boy scouts together.
  • Over half a billion men and women have scouted.
  • The original Boy Scout annual fee was 25 cents.
  • 85% of FBI agents have been boy scouts.
  • The oldest artifact that the organization holds is a Chinese compass that dates back to 1500.
  • Only 5 countries in the world don’t have scouting. They are North Korea, Andorra, China, Cuba, and Laos.
  • The Boy Scouts of America have a Lone Scouting program that allows children of citizens to join while they are abroad and takes in exchange students as well.
  • There are currently over 125 merit badges that a scout can earn.

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