Frugal Weekend Activities: Tips from our Twitter Chat

On Friday,2/24 we held a Twitter chat called  #FrugalChat to discuss free and low-cost weekend activities. There were many great pieces of advice exchanged during the chat. Here is a summary:

  • Some of our chatters, like @LLLSummer, spend more on weekends due to going out more while other, like @scg003twitparty spend more during the week due to errands. Gas and work lunches were noted as other weekday expense.
  • @fdp4life shared that hikes and outdoor exploration are fun and free activities. @southernpursenoted that  having picnics in the park and bike riding are economical options. Golf, state parks and geocaching were also mentioned. @sweepingsteph suggests checking out local libraries for free tickets and museum passes. @GoGoGoodiepointed out that local museums often there are free family days.
  • @nycmartini shared that limiting dining out to one date night per week cuts down on costs. @tuan_amarillo said that learning how to cook at home is a good alternative and @scg003twitparty suggested using Grouponfor dining out, ordering water and avoiding appetizers. @scg003twitparty suggested mystery shopping as a way to pay for dinner and be entertained. @applecsmith pointed out that coffee shops allow for a fun, social atmosphere without spending a lot. @sweepingsteph suggested using and visiting restaurants mid-week when they offer their best deals.
  • @applecsmith pointed out that meal planning can add up to big savings. @sweepingsteph suggests saving money by shopping at the farmers markets and flea markets on weekends.
  • @thrifty_writer suggested using Netflix, Hulu and YouTube rather than going to movies. @fdp4life pointed out that not having cable by using an antenna saves money each month.
  • @_Sheila_Roberts suggested pot lucks and small low-cost gathers serving just snacks & appetizers as an alternative to throwing elaborate, expensive get-togethers.

Congratulations to @nycmartini for winning a $25 Amazon gift card and special thanks to financial blogger Carrie Smith (@applecsmith) from Careful Cents

 Be sure to watch for future chats with us and tweet us (@BeFrugal) your tips and money-saving questions.

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  1. Hi Michelle! I am so glad that you stopped by. I had tried to do some ocpuon trading posts but no one seemed to join in. It has been a while so maybe I will try them again soon and see if there is more interest. Thanks so much for the suggestion! I will actually be posting a pretty large list of other Tops and/or Wegmans bloggers shortly. I am almost done with the list so keep an eye out for that so you can take a little from each of us to help you save more! Hopefully that will help. Thanks for your comment and please feel free to ask any questions at any time! Have a wonderful night!

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