Frugal Valentine’s Day Crafts You Can Do With Just Your Printer

Valentine’s Day is a great time to show the ones we love how much we care for them, but sometimes it can be hard to know what to get for them, and gift guides often urge us to spend more money than we want. There are many crafts that you can do that only require a printer and some time. Home-made Valentine’s Day crafts make great frugal gifts that you can make with ones you love, allowing you to give them your time as well as save money.

Card and Message Holders

One of the best things about Valentine’s Day, especially when you’re a child, is receiving fun valentines from your friends – and maybe even someone special. You can help your child get ready for all of the cards they’ll be bringing home by helping them make a card holder, like this cute alligator from HP Creative Studio. Simply print out the template, wrap a box with the green striped paper and tape the head, tail and legs on. Then sit back and let the cards roll in.


Image thanks to HP

If your child prefers something a bit girlier, try this pretty mailbox, also from HP Creative Studio. Print the template on cardstock to make the mailbox last a bit longer.

Image thanks to HP

If you want to make something that holds just one special message, try this adorable Valentine’s Day messenger available from Disney Family Fun.

Image thanks to Disney Family Fun

Candy Boxes and Wrappers

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like a bit of candy, and there are plenty of ways to use your printer to make the candy you give on the big day a little sweeter.

Take this sweet candy box, also available through Disney Family Fun. All you have to do is print it, cut it out and fold it up. Then, before doing up the heart-shaped closure, slip in a few pieces of your sweetheart’s favorite candy or chocolates.

Image thanks to Disney Family Fun

Print off these lollipop labels from HP Creative Studio to give to your friends and colleagues or to give your kids some of the best valentines in their classes. The template to print the labels out has all the designs on one page, so you don’t have to use up a lot of paper to make a few fun gifts.

Image thanks to HP

You can also make personalized labels for candy bags. First you need to pick up some small cellophane bags from the grocery store or a specialty bake shop and select some pretty candy or chocolate. Then add your own photo to this template from Martha Stewart, and print it off. Fill the bags, and then attach the labels with tape or a small bit of glue.

Image thanks to Martha Stewart

Valentine’s Day Decorations

You can also add a little something extra to the day by making some gorgeous Valentine’s Day decorations. Start with these lovely printable paper hearts from HP Creative Studio. Simply fold them along the lines on the design, glue it into a heart shape, add a string and hang in a cluster to create a decorative accent that makes a strong statement. The best part is that these aren’t as holiday-specific as other crafts here, so you can keep them up permanently.

Image thanks to HP

Finally, what’s Valentine’s Day without some red roses? This craft, from HP Creative Studio, is a bit more complex than many of the other projects, but it can still be done with some scissors and a bit of careful planning. The result is a lovely rose that will last long after Valentine’s Day is over.

Image thanks to HP

These crafts should give you some ideas of printable paper crafts you can do for your favourite people on Valentine’s Day, whether they are friends, significant others, children or colleagues. Enjoy the process of making these crafts, and they will love knowing that you spent time creating something just for them. That will ensure everyone’s Valentine’s Day is truly happy.


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