Frugal Parent’s Day Ideas

Parent's Day Tips

June 24th is Parent’s Day, and not only is it a day to celebrate all the hard work of being a parent, it is a great chance to spend time with your kids and show them how much you really love them. There are plenty of ways to spend this special day, but we have a few that are not only enjoyable, but require little to no money.

  • Arts & Crafts: Spend your day doing some fun arts and crafts activities with your children. Not only will these activities keep your child entertained, they will give you the opportunity to have a fun bonding experience and create memorable pieces of art together. From putting together a colorful photo album to making a 3-D art sculpture, there are plenty of different ideas to choose from.
  • Family Picnic: Whether you choose to do it in your own backyard or visit your local park, having a family picnic is a fun and cheap way to spend time with your children and enjoy the beautiful weather. All that’s required is some leftovers, water, and a blanket. To make things more fun, you and your kids can prepare these cool picnic treats together before you head out.
  • Beach Day: Soak up the sun on a nice beach day with your family. You can go for a cool swim, search for seashells, or build sand castles together. When it comes to finding things to do at the beach, the possibilities are endless. There are plenty of family beach activities that you can enjoy with your kids.
  • Movie Night: Save on pricey movie tickets and theater candy by having an indoor movie night in your living room. Let your kids pick out their favorite movies and make some of these tasty movie snacks. Your kids will have a blast making these snacks and being able to watch their favorites with you.
  • Backyard Fun: Why travel far to have fun when you can use your own yard to create the perfect play space for you and your children? With these DIY backyard game ideas, you can have fun all day with items you already have at home. These activities are easy and setting them up will make for great bonding time.

Along with these fun ideas, we have a few deals to further help you and your child enjoy your day:

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