Free Amazon Prime Membership for College Student


This is for all college students and those with college students in their lives! If you are enrolled in at least one college class, you can sign up for a free one-year membership to Amazon Prime.

If you're thinking "why is that so special lady?" give me a minute to tell you.

First, Amazon Prime memberships aren't exactly cheap. A membership can run you 79 bucks. I can do a lot with $79 and I'm sure you can too.

Unlimited FREE two day shipping is a major bonus.  You can upgrade to one day shipping for $3.99/item. This can be especially useful when you find out your professor all of a sudden wants to add on another textbook mid-semester and you need it ASAP.

You need an .edu e-mail address and Amazon can ask for your proof of student status. Check out the terms and conditions for all the other rules.

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