Eating in Season: Apple Cobbler


Like many who go apple picking, I still have a whole lot of apples in my home. I've made apple crisp, apple pie, apple sauce, baked apples, apple juice, dried apples, cranberry apple bread and Christina's apple pumpkin risotto.

I STILL have apples left over. I've been bringing by my apple dishes to neighbors and the local senior citizens center since there is minimal space in my freezer.  Plus a girl can only eat so many apples. I'll try not to pick so many apples next year but I say that every year.

To bring over a dish to the in-laws, I tried this apple cobbler recipe and it came out fantastic. I'm not a huge fan of cobblers but this one is pretty good.  My father-in-law ate half of it himself. He's not a fan of baked goods so when he eats that much I take it as a good sign.

Do you have any recipes that can help me get rid of the last of my apples?

Image thanks to WxMom

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