Early 2010 Holiday Predictions


You just put back to school shopping behind you and it's already time to think about Black Friday! It's time to start making your holiday budgets and asking the kids what they want from "Santa".

The hubby and I typically split up our rather large shopping list and can get it done rather quickly. With the hubby deployed this holiday season I'll be doing all the shopping on my own. There are 7 nieces, 2 grand nieces and 2 grand nephews from my husband's side alone so I have a challenge ahead of me!

It's October yet and I'm already bringing up holiday shopping.  Don't hate me.  Hate on all the prediction lists that are coming out and putting me in a panic. Toys R Us has already put the "Fabulous 15" list which includes some wallet friendly items.  Super store Kmart just put out their annual top 15 toys list.  Check out these electronics prices for your "big kids" of all ages.

Of course these are just few of the predictions that are out now. As we head close to the holiday season we'll be seeing more lists. What's your holiday shopping strategy? Is it worth it to get up at the crack of dawn to hit the stores?

Image thanks to Abraham P V

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