DIY Holiday: Christmas Ornaments


Christmas is just around the corner and Black Friday is a little more than a week away. Many of us have tight budgets so Do-It-Yourself (DIY) gifts can help you get through the holiday season with racking up credit card debt. I've always been a fan of making gifts and receiving home made gifts. I love getting creative and making things. I watch too much Martha Stewart.

Yes yes, I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet. I'm a master procrastinator and decided it's best to get a head start on Christmas this year. I don't want to see any more random gray hairs pop up.

Here are a few of my favorite DIY Christmas ornaments. These can be a fun things to make with the kids to hang on your tree or to give as gifts!

  • Clay Christmas Ornaments - Use a simple recipe to make the clay and make whatever you please! Candy canes, Christmas trees, a snowman or whatever you want. Paint the ornament with acrylic paint. You can personalize these with names and dates.
  • Yarn Candy Cane - Take a pipe cleaner and shape it in the form of a candy cane. Wrap the candy cane with the colors you choose.
  • Clothes Pin Santa - Who doesn't love a Santa ornament? This is an easy ornament for even the most non-crafty person.
  • Mint Garland - This is a great take on the popcorn garland. If you don't have the patience to make popcorn garland this is for you.  All you need is a bag of mints and a hot glue gun to try this out!
  • Cool Card - Don't know what to do with all those Christmas cards you got last year? Don't throw them out! Re-use them to make this great ornament.

Those are just a few of my favorites. Do you have any DIY Christmas ornament ideas? Do you add a new ornament each year to your tree?

Image thanks to Darwin Bell

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