DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Thinking about what your going to be for Halloween this year? I know I've been and I'm not exactly a fan of going to over priced, super packed costume store. I'd like to wear clothing since it's chilly in Boston in October so that rules out most women's costume offerings. And I know how much costumes can cost for the kiddos. When you get the costume plus any accessories needed to complete the costume your fun fund can be sucked dry before you know it.

To help break the cycle of breaking the bank at the costume shop or getting pneumonia thanks to the lack there of your costume here are some of my favorite inspirations for Halloween costumes this year.

So what are you going to be this Halloween? What was your favorite costume you've dressed up in?

Image thanks to themissiah

1 thought on “DIY Halloween Costume Ideas”

  1. I think home made halloween costumes are the way to go. You can be more creative and modest. I just don't like it when people get lazy and do a very dumb costume. put some effort and make it look nice.

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