Best Things to Buy in November

Contrary to popular belief you can find deals through out November not just on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Please don't believe that you have to wake from your turkey coma at 3AM to find the best deals on one day this month or be secretly online  shopping while you should be working.

Here is the run down on some great things to buy this November.

  • Apparel - Apparel is the 2nd most requested item on holiday wish lists.  You would think it's better to buy clothes after the holidays but alas there are deals to be had. Flash back to this time last year, remember all those great online coupons for clothing? Well they're coming back this holiday season! When you take advantage of holiday sales and stack some coupons on top of those savings you will be
  • Candy - Watch out for a crazy blonde woman snatching up candy in CVS this afternoon. Stock up on left over Halloween candy for tasty pleasure or holiday baking.
  • Wedding Gowns - The winter months aren't exactly a booming time for the wedding industry. With new stock coming in and bridal shops slowing down this is a great time to find a deal on your dream gown. Having gone wedding gown shopping with over 20 brides now I have seen with my own eyes the savings that can be had in November and December. Prices often go up in January after the surge of holiday engagements and brides hunting for the newest gowns for the upcoming wedding season.
  • Kitchen Items - Don't you love when wants, needs and sales all align together in the perfect storm of shopping? Well I do (yeah I get overly excited about shopping sometimes) and for those of us who love to cook it's time for us to get some new supplies! Time to get new cookware, bake-ware and kitchen appliances for yourself or loved ones.
  • TVs - Yes boys (and some of us ladies) it's time for a new TV and your spouse won't yell at you for not waiting for a sale.  TVs will fall in price this month and major brands will continue to fall into December.
  • Furniture - Have another flash back to last November with me people.  Remember the deals last November had for home furniture well guess what, expect to see some again. Overstock, Kohl's, Sears and more will have some great discounted pieces.
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