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Best Things to Buy in August


With only one month of summer remaining, August is the best time to stock up on certain items you need for the rest of the season. From annual sales to special promotions, we have a list of the top deals that will save you a ton of money on typically expensive purchases.

  • Seasonal clothing: Now that summer is wrapping up, this is the best time to buy summer gear such as swimwear, shorts and t-shirts. With the preparation of back-to-school season and the fall weather, many stores will start to put summer items on sale to make room for new items. Take advantage of these deals to ensure you have everything you need for the rest of the summer, and plenty for next year as well.
  • Computers/Laptops: Much like summer gear, electronics also go on sale around August in preparation for the back-to-school season. Computers and laptops are significantly marked down during this time. This is the perfect time to buy school electronics such as scientific calculators, as they are often the first items to run out in stores during this time of year.
  • Tax-Free Weekends: Along with many other sales, you can stack up on your savings by shopping during tax-free weekends. It may not seem like much, but your savings will add up, especially while shopping for expensive items. Check this list to see the date of your tax-free weekend in your home state.
  • Car: End-of-summer deals for cars often start in early August, making it the perfect time to purchase a new car if you need one. Many of the deals won’t require you to make your first payment right away, giving you some time to save up.
  • Early Labor Day Sales: Although Labor Day is in September, stores will start the savings early on. Look out for early Labor Day sales to avoid missing out on certain items you’ve had your eye on.

On top of these August savings, save even more with these cash-back deals:

  • Swimsuits Direct- 10% cash back
  • Macy's- 40-75% Semi-Annual sale, plus 6,3% cash back
  • Walmart- up to 80% off clearance electronics, plus 4% cash back
  • HP- 25% off laptops $599+, plus 10% cash back
  • Microsoft- 10% cash back
  • Sears- 4% cash back

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