Beating the Heat Without Breaking Your Budget


The first full week of July brought with it record high temperatures across the country; it also tested our ability to stay "cool." Sweltering temperatures strained many electrical grids, resulting in scattered power outages in a handful of areas. Besides blasting your AC 24/7 and racking up a pricey electric bill, there are many other budget friendly activities out there that you can do to keep cool.

  • Spend an afternoon in your local library or take a book to your favorite coffee shop
  • Catch a matinee movie (it will take you through the hottest part of the day)
  • Go swimming - visit a lake, beach, or your community pool
  • Window shop at the mall (we're trying to stay cool and save money)
  • Find out if your city or town has any designated cooling centers
  • If you're outside, stay in the shade and drink lots of water

The most important thing during the heat is to pay attention to your body. Stay hydrated and take lot's of cool showers. If you think you're becoming overheated and start feeling sick, seek out medical attention.

For more fun ways to stay cool during the heat, check out these seven tips from Going Green. And if you're looking to start taking some budget friendly steps to cooling down your house, take a look at MSN Money's "25 Cheap Ways to Keep Your House Cooler."

Image thanks to Rusty Darbonne

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