7 Ways To Keep Clothing Costs Down


Some people live to shop. It's nice to gets some new clothes, grooming products and shoes. Some can stick to a budget and buy what they really need and others can blow their monthly budget just by hitting the mall for an hour.

  1. Plan your purchases. If you realize you need particular items then plan it in your budget. When you buy on impulse your more likely to ruin your budget.  By planning your purchases you'll get a better deal rather than impulse shopping.
  2. Think about what you buy. Do you really need another pair of black pointy toe flats? How about another cocktail dress you'll only wear once? Think about how many hours you'll have to work to pay for that item.  When your heart desires an item over $100's think about it for 24 hours before purchasing. Doing this will help you avoid buyers remorse.
  3. Do not window shop.  It's the out of sight out of mind thing. If you don't see something shiny you won't buy it.  If I'm looking for a specific item (i.e. a semi-formal dress under $150 that makes me look skinner then I really am) I will look at different stores prior to making a purchase.  I go to a specific section of the store, look then leave.  For the easily distracted, a safer way to scout out the best deals is online then go to the store if you need to try something on.  Rather than going to 10 stores (I've been know to do that) you'll only have to go to 4 stores.
  4. Limit the cash you carry. When you hit the mall only carry the amount of money you plan to spend. Leave the plastic at home if your easily tempted. Keep the blinders on and go straight to what your looking for.
  5. Hit the sales rack first.  It's worth it to look through the sales items.  My best finds are on the sales rack.  My favorite finds have been a pair of Cole Haan pumps marked down $15, a gorgeous Calvin Klein gown for $40 and my mom's dress for my wedding for $50.
  6. Outlet malls are great to find discounted versions of what you find in the mall. If your a person who eats you may have a hard time find clothes in your size but there's always other things.  Depending on where you go you can find everything from baby clothes to cookware to perfume.
  7. Thrift and consignment stores are my favorite.  Some people get icked out by wearing second hand clothes but it doesn't bother me.  If I can get an adorable almost new toggle coat for $15 why would I go spend $100 to buy something new? All I have to do is bring it to the cleaners!
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