6 Ways to Defeat Winter Hair Blues


Ah winter. The pretty white snow, warm boots, being able wear bulky sweaters when your having a fat day, hockey and Sam Adams Winter brew are just some of the things I love this time of year. What I don't love is the damage that the snow, bitter cold and wind can do to my hair. I also don't love going to the salon all the time to keep my hair looking good.

Hair is the ultimate accessory since your wearing it all the time! Here are a few of my favorite ways to keep my hair looking good without spending a ton of cash.

  1. Cut out The Chemicals - Yes ladies this means cutting out products with drying chemicals such as alcohol. Try to use sulfate free or natural products to help avoid drying out your hair. If you love to lighten your locks try to avoid it in the winter to give your hair a rest. There's no shame in showing your roots, if it's good enough for Carrie Bradshaw then it's good enough for you.
  2. Cover It Up - When outside cover up your hair with a hat or scarf. I have a few hats in my winter rotation since I fear I may look like my mom wearing a babushka. Avoid ski caps for every day use since they can flatten out your hair and cause fly aways.
  3. Deep Condition Once a Week - This my friends is major. I deep condition once  a week year round to help keep my hair soft.  I like to make my own deep conditioner since I haven't found one I love. If you know of a cruelty free deep conditioner that doesn't way down fine hair please let me know!
  4. Use a Heat Protector - If you don't use a heat protector before using heat on your hair I'll send my hair stylist after you. After years of her yelling at me about using a protector before heat styling my hair I finally converted. The amount of damage just a little pump of product prevents is amazing.
  5. Seal Your Cuticles - No, not your nail cuticles your hair cuticles.  Using too much hot water can dry out your hair cuticles.  These cuticles lift up, making your hair look frizzy and damaged. Give your hair a quick blast of cold water before getting out of the shower. When blow drying your hair give your locks some cool air to help keep your cuticles smooth.
  6. Don't Wash Your Hair - Yes some people will think your a dirty mess when you tell them you skip a day washing your hair. I really don't care what some people think since washing your hair on a daily base can dry it out quickly.  Not only will your color stay vibrant (aka less trips to the salon) you'll save money on products and time in the morning.  I much rather get 10 more minutes than fussing with my locks. I get more compliments on my hair when I don't wash it versus a fresh blow out. I just smile and say thanks!

Do you have any winter hair care tips? Any hair tricks you'd like to share?

Image thanks to*Saffy*

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