5 Tips to Save Cash this Christmas

When it gets to winter, and Christmas is closing in, we are all looking for ways of cutting costs to ensure that we can give the best gifts to our loved ones. Many people look at limiting spending or stopping waste, but one simple method is lowering your energy bills.

Throughout the year, energy bills are always higher than you want them to be – regardless of rising prices or poor energy efficiency. When it comes to Christmas, every penny counts and you can always save more during this festive period. Here are our top five tips:

  1. Choose The Shower– Your water bills might be sky high but you can’t stop being clean, that just isn’t an option!  Running a bath costs more money than showering. The sheer volume of water used to fill a bath is greater than the shower, and in the average shower, you’re only using electricity for five or 10 minutes. There are many other things to consider when in the shower, such as reusing bath towels – we know that a lot of people like fresh ones each time, but when you leave the shower you’re clean so why not use the same towel more than once?
  2. Compare Energy Prices – If you’re not getting value for money from your supplier then you have to ask why and how you can find someone to do it better. Research has shown that if you compare energy prices then families can save huge amounts off their monthly bill.
  3. Strategic Washer Use – This stands for both dishwashers and your washing machine. Cold washes work out at being a lot cheaper over time than your typical clothes wash, so consider that when going through the average of 400 loads per year for your family! When it comes to dishwashers, these are must-haves within the home. Try to only put them on when they are full and always hand wash bigger items like pots, pans and large dishes.
  4. Lights Out – In the home, many people continue to use the traditional light bulbs instead of the energy efficient ones and, although that’s a discussion for another time, try to remember to turn your Christmas lights off at night. Much of the wasted power in your household comes overnight, so switch off everything around the home before bed time.
  5. Stay Warm and Stay Well – This time of year it is almost a given that you will get a sniffle or a cold at some point. Don’t let it eat up your entire budget while leaving you in bed for days! Enjoy fruit on a daily basis for vitamin C and avoid purchasing the expensive brand names (unless you have a great coupon) when getting your medicine. But regardless of whether you are ill or not, go ahead and get snug with your duvet and hot water bottle. It’s a great way to keep warm while keeping your home heating costs low!

Here are a few more tips: stop your faucet from dripping, only boil as much water as necessary and unplug everything you are not using. Whatever happens over the holiday, by using these steps, you can save money.

Image thanks to Flikkesteph

This is a guest post by Tara West, a freelance writer who is passionate about being frugal and efficient.

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