5 Frugal Ways To Save On Your Next Move

Even though moving season is behind us, you may soon decide that a relocation is necessary for various reasons. Maybe you need to move due to a work relocation, perhaps your family is getting bigger and you need a larger space or you might simply not like the city you live in anymore. Whatever the reason, moving can be an expensive process. However, there are ways to save if you follow our top five tips below.

Tip # 1: Move In The Off Season. To make moving as frugal as possible, don’t move during the summer months. Summer is when most families decide to move, since this is when the temps allow for a comfortable move and also many landlords will have special move-in sales during this time. You need not choose the cold winter months, you could choose spring or fall - just before the weather gets uncomfortable. Winter is the cheapest season to move, since not many people move during this time but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best time to move.  You will need to weigh the pros and cons of each season, to determine in your case what would be best.

Tip # 2: Clean out the items you no longer need. If your garage or house is filled with things you no longer need, have a yard sale, donate to charity,  or do something to get rid of these unwanted items. The more you have to move, the more it will cost. Long-haul trucks and other moving trucks calculate the price based on weight and size of your entire move. For this reason, it’s best if you get rid of what you don’t truly need. When you sell unwanted items, not only will it make moving cheaper, but you can also make a little extra money for post moving expenses.

Tip # 3: Choose the Right Moving Company. Moving is a big deal, so make sure to do your research on moving companies. Some may claim to be the best, but it all comes down to comparing their rates to the rates of similar competitors. When choosing a moving company, let one know about the other as this will make them want to do business with you and lower their price respectively. A little haggling and negotiating never hurt anyone!

Tip # 4: Plan your Move. Planning is essential to having a successful, frugal move. Planning ahead will give you plenty of time to ask family and friends about great areas or houses to move to. Also, if you don’t want to pay for movers, planning ahead can help you save boxes and pack things in the long run. Usually when people are in a rush to move, they are forced to pay higher prices due to a lack of organization and time.

Tip # 5: Potentially Get a Tax Break. If you’re moving because your job is relocating you, then you might be eligible for a tax break. Make sure to look up how to qualify for a tax break, because it depends entirely on why you are moving. These tax breaks are aimed at people who are moving because of circumstances related to their job, so if this is you, talk to the IRS and see if you can take advantage of a tax break.

Moving houses doesn’t have to be a painful expense if you follow the tips. Just remember to move during off season months (best season to move is fall, spring and winter), get rid of the things you no longer have use for in and around the house, choose the right moving company, plan your move and try to take advantage of a possible tax break if it’s a job relocation. These simple tips are all you need to move and save money in the process.

This is a guest article by Missy Diaz who writes for Samson Moving, a New Jersey moving merchant.
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  1. Instead of hiring an expensive moving company, why not rent a smaller trailer and put some workers from a temporary agency to work for a few hours? You can save tons of money.

  2. Thanks for your suggestion, Trace!
    We enjoy hearing frugal tips like the one you just shared.
    Jen from BeFrugal.com

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