3 Ways to Get Discounted Gift Cards


I love to give and receive gift cards.  The cheapskate in me loves that I can save money while giving a gift a loved one can use.  The new regulations on gift cards make them a great gift to give since the receiver has plenty of time to use the card for something they really would enjoy. Here are a few ways to find gift cards at great prices.

  1. Buy Them Online - You can buy, sell or trade gift cards on websites such as Plastic Jungle and ABC Gift Cards where you can get gift cards up to 50% off. You can also check out auction sites such as eBay. Be sure to check out the seller's rating so you don't get fooled into buying a phony gift card.
  2. Check Out Warehouse and Club Stores - If your a member to a warehouse store such as BJ's, you're in luck. These stores often sell gift cards at discount prices.  I found some great last minute gift cards at Costco on Christmas Eve! Not paying full price for gift cards that made teenagers smile is major a score in my book.
  3. Swagbucks - Over a year ago now I signed up for Swagbucks which is a site gives you points for doing your normal internet surfing.  You are able to accrue points (called Swagbucks) and cash them in for gifts like gift cards. You can earn extra points by doing simple surveys and participating in polls. I've been racking up points since I downloaded the toolbar. You can also take polls and surveys to earn more points.
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  1. You can also try mypoints.com. It's similar to Swagbucks. You get points for reading emails and searching the internet and also you can shop your favorite online stores through the mypoints website and earn points that way. You trade them for GCs.

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