20 Small Ways to Save Big Money in the New Year

Saving Money

We are officially at the beginning of a brand new year, the perfect time to end a few bad habits and start some good ones. One way to make the most of this year is to use this fresh start to save more money. We put together 20 easy money-saving tips to help you put away more this year.

  1. Free local events

A good way to ensure that you’ll save money is to do some research on all of your local free events. Rather than spending money, you can find fun activities to do in your area that won’t cost you a dime. Many places offer a variety of free events such as concerts, tourist attractions, and more.

  1. Cash back and Reward Programs

If you love shopping, sign up for a cash back program like BeFrugal.com so that you are earning money while you spend. You can also get similar benefits by shopping with a credit card that offers rewards on certain purchases. Many cards will give you cash back when you spend on food, gas, and travel. Look into your credit card company and see where you can save.

  1. Save loose change

Most people have a bunch of loose change lying around that they never use. Start paying more attention to your loose change and collect it in a place where you can keep track of it. Once you collect a good amount, you can cash it out or deposit it into a savings account. You might be surprised by just how much money you’ll save.

  1. Avoid Impulse Buying

One of the easiest ways to waste money is to buy items on impulse. Instead, always create a shopping list of things you absolutely need and stick to that list. This will help you avoid spending on items that are not a necessity and save you money with each shopping trip.

  1. Buy in Bulk

When shopping for items that you will need over and over again, try buying in bulk. When you buy in bulk, you end up spending less than if you were to repeatedly buy each item individually at a smaller store. Stores like Costco and BJ's Wholesale Club are great places to find everyday household items in large quantities.

  1. Employer Discount Programs

Another easy way to save money during the New Year is to review how many discounts you are eligible for with your employer. It’s beneficial to refresh your memory and review your benefits. You might be able to save money on certain retail stores, gym memberships, and more.

  1. Eat at Home

One of the biggest ways to lose money is to constantly dine out. Not only are you spending a lot on food and beverages, tips and service charges add up as well. You can save so much money by committing to cook your own food and eat in at least five or six days a week. You can cook a little each evening and make enough for leftovers the next day, or take a few hours on the weekend to cook all your meals for the week.

  1. Budget Travel

If you are an avid traveler, you can save money on tickets by buying them far in advance. The closer you get to your traveling date the more expensive the tickets will be. You can also set up flight alerts and follow travel experts on social media for some more tips.

  1. Extra work hours

If you can, take on some extra hours at work. Working more hours will not only keep you busy from spending money frivolously, it can earn you extra cash on the side. If you are not able to get more hours at your job, try seeing if you can get a small part-time job.

  1. DIY Projects

Check out Pinterest for some DIY inspiration. Rather than always buying premade items, figure out how to make them yourself to save money, learn a new craft, and have fun.

  1. Divide your paycheck

If you use direct deposit, you have the option to divide up your check between your checking and your savings account. Most employers will require a form that asks if you want a certain amount or percentage of your check to be put in your savings account when it is deposited. This is a fast way to save money and you can build your savings before you know it.

  1. Budget-tracking app

Keeping up with a budget can be difficult, so make it easier by installing a budget-tracking app on your phone. Apps like BillGuard and Mint are free and will help you keep tabs on how much you are spending in the most convenient way.

  1. Keep lights off

Electricity bills can add up quickly. You can reduce this cost by remembering to keep your lights off when you’re not in the room. You can also save by keeping the lights off as much as possible during the daytime.

  1. Streaming shows

Streaming shows online is growing in popularity. Instead of paying for a hefty cable bill each month, catch up on your favorite shows with streaming sites such as Hulu Plus and Netflix for only a small fraction of the cost of cable.

  1. Go through your closet

If a lot of your money goes towards clothing, it can be helpful to go through your closet. Take the time to carefully look through everything you own and see what items you may have forgotten about. This will help you remember exactly what you already own and keep you from buying more items that you don’t need – plus you can sell gently used apparel you no longer wear.

  1. Buying Used Items

A simple way to save this year is to opt for used items when making big purchases. When it comes to typically expensive items such as electronics, cars, and household appliances, there are plenty of places you can find lower prices if you look for pre-owned. As long as they are still in good shape, you will save a lot more than if you bought them brand new.

  1. Recycling

Believe it or not, you can actually earn money from recycling. Instead of tossing all your recycled items in your bin at home, there are recycling centers you can take them that will give you 5 to 10 cents for each bottle you bring in.

  1. Reduce your credit card interest rate

Credit card bills can be challenging to pay off, especially with high interest rates. Some credit card companies will allow you to lower your interest rate if you negotiate, or transfer to a new card with no interest for a certain period, giving you time to pay it off interest-free. Give it a shot and see if you can eliminate your debt or get a lower rate.

  1. Drink more water

Drinking more water is not only extremely healthy, it will help you save money on other store-bought beverages. If you have a filter in your home you have constant access to water for free.

  1. Public transportation

Public transportation is a great way to save money, especially if you are constantly commuting into a city. Not only will you save money on gas, you won’t have to spend on parking. If you invest in a monthly pass, you can enjoy an unlimited amount of rides for a fixed price.

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