15 Uncommon Uses for Coca-Cola

Like many people,  I try to keep my soda consumption down for a number of reasons. It's a little hard to do when your spouse drinks coca cola like water and always seems to bring it in the house.  To help rid of the temptation lurking in my refrigerator I have been trying checking out some different uses for the WD-40 of the beverage world.

I have used many of these before but there are some I have yet to try.  Feel free to share any uses I haven't listed below!

  1. Helps remove gum from hair.
  2. Loosen rust from many types of objects.
  3. Clean burnt pans by soaking them in coke before rinsing.
  4. Helps remove grease stains from fabric.
  5. Mix together equal parts of coke, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce and Italian salad dressing. Brush on to meat or let meat soak in the mixture. I love using this for steak tips!
  6. Bad hair dye job? Rinse your hair in coke to help it fad faster.
  7. Make low fat brownies.
  8. Use cola when you make minestrone soup.
  9. Add coke to your compost. Coke increases the acid and sugars in your compost. Doing this helps feed microorganisms.
  10. If your car battery is leaking acid pour coke over it. The coke will wash away the acid and oil.
  11. Drink two 12-oz cans of  coke when you have an asthma flare up.
  12. Pour some coke down the toilet, let it sit there for an hour, lightly scrub then notice your throne shine.
  13. Helps make a  roast.  Coca cola can be used to make some yummy pulled pork too!
  14. Get rid of slugs and snails in your garden.  Put little bowls of coca cola in your garden. The sugar will attract them and the acid levels will kill them.
  15. Pour some coke on a jellyfish sting to help with the pain.
Image thanks to Wendy Crockett

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