Frugal Fashion Tips

Today we had a Frugal Fashion Twitter chat talking about summer style and saving money. Fashion bloggers @ChloeManigo @BosFashionista, @Style_Wire and @LSFashionDish joined us to share their tips. If you missed the chat, you can still learn from their great advice. Here is a recap of our conversation:

@Style_Wire points out that any store can be budget friendly if you shop it right. This is so true!

@BosFashionista reminds us about the importance of saving time and money, telling us that she has been into @TargetStyle because they have everything for the beach in one place, including bathing suits, totes, hats, and sandals.

@LsFashionDish emphasizes the importance of having classic, basic items that a wardrobe can be built upon, and remembering to look for coupons. Sale racks and flash sales are other great ways to save.

@Style_Wire discusses the importance of knowing when to buy. For example, if you size is hard to find, waiting for a sale might not be an option. @LsFashionDish has a strategy that if an item is a must-have, full price is acceptable. In other circumstances, wait for a coupon.

To get coupons, @LsFashionDish confesses to having a separate email account just for coupons.

@BosFashionista points out knowing when to shop is key, especially at stores that do not typically offer coupons. Local boutiques have great holiday sales, she mentions.

@ChloeManigo reminds us about upcoming designer summer and fall sales.

@LsFashion dish discusses how purchasing gently used items can save you a bundle.

Outlet shopping is another strategy that @BosFashionista brought up.

How are you shopping smart this summer while being stylish? Tell us in a comment or tweet at @BeFrugal with your #FrugalFashion tip!

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