10 Budget-Friendly Holiday Decorating Ideas

Budget Friendly Holiday Decorating Ideas

One of the most fun parts of the holidays is all the decorations. However, store-bought decorations can sometimes be pricey. To save money, take a look at these DIY budget-Friendly holiday decoration ideas:

Coffee Tree Filters

For less than five dollars you can make a few Christmas trees made out of coffee filters. All you will need is a large poster board, a package of coffee filters, glue and some scissors. iHeartNaptime has detailed instructions and pictures that explain step-by-step how to make these centerpieces. First, you start by cutting the poster board into circles. Next, you create cylinders with the circles you made. Lastly, you cut small pieces of the coffee filters and glue them to the cylinders.

Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

Popsicle Stick Snowflakes are great if you need some wall art. With just a box of Popsicle sticks, glue, and paint colors of your choice, you can create these snowflakes in any color or size that you’d like. Simply glue the sticks together in various snowflake shapes and paint them over once they’ve dried. Once everything is finished, these snowflakes can be hung all over your wall. For more details and picture examples, visit MakingHomeBase.com.

Underwater Festive Forest

If you have some mason jars laying around, you can put together a few underwater forest decorations. You start by gluing come plastic coated ornaments and garland on the inside of the Mason jar lids. Next, you fill up the Mason jar with water, liquid glycerin, and a sprinkle of glitter. You can shake up the jars for a snow globe effect or leave the jars sitting still as decoration.

Golden Christmas Lights

Spice up your old Christmas lights by spray painting them gold. Just unscrew any light bulbs, spray paint the wires, and let it dry for a few minutes. This craft takes less than ten minutes and is super easy. Landeeseelandeedo.com has more information on how to make these gold lights as well as a ton of other golden holiday decoration ideas.

Christmas Carol Chalkboard

If you have an old mirror or a large picture frame that you don’t use, you can turn them into Christmas carol chalkboards. With the help of chalk spray paint, you can use these to hand write your favorite Christmas songs. The best part about this idea is that when the holidays are over, you can just erase whatever you have written and use it for something else. Take a look at TheYellowCapeCod.com for more details.

Handwritten Decorated Plates

With just a quick trip to the dollar store, you can create some gold and silver handwritten decorated plates. With some cheap plates and two metallic colored markers, you can write down different words and phrases and create designs for a festive look. PitterandGlink.com has instructions on how to make these frugal plates instead of buying similar ones that are more expensive.

Toothpick Snowballs

Toothpick snowballs are a quick and easy project that is a lot of fun to make. With some toothpicks (preferably rounded), Styrofoam balls, and some white spray paint, you can create a ton of these to hang around the house. Just stick the toothpicks around the Styrofoam balls and cover them in white spray paint once you’ve finished. You can either hang them from the ceiling or let them sit on their own around different tables. To see pictures, visit SomewhatQuirkyDesign.com.

Clothespin Wreath

With some gift wrapping paper, you can create a beautiful clothespin wreath as seen on OrganizeYourStuffNow.com. You start by cutting up the paper into a small rectangle to fit over the flat surfaces of the clothespins. Next, glue them over the clothespins. Lastly, glue the clothespins around a large embroidery hoop. You can leave the wreath as is or you can use the clothespins to clip different Christmas cards and pictures.

Wooden Snowman Spoons

For less than a dollar, you can buy a pack of four wooden spoons. All you need to do is paint these spoons white and draw on snowman faces after the white paint dries. For variety, you can use different colored paint to turn the spoons into elves, reindeer, and more holiday characters. Visit EyeballsByDayCraftsByNight for some picture examples.

Stocking Silverware Holders

If you have some small holiday stockings from previous years or wish to buy some, there are many other things you can do with them besides using them to store small gifts. A great idea is using those stockings as silverware holders during a holiday dinner. Visit PrincessPinkyGirl.com for more details.

These creative ideas are all simple to make and will leave some extra cash in your pocket!