Free Popcorn at Select Movie Theaters

While I certainly  appreciate the warm weather and sunshine of the summer months, there are times where the heat becomes a bit overwhelming and I need a cool place to retreat.  Luckily, its Hollywood blockbuster season, and with nearly arctic interior conditions (thanks to air conditioning!) movie theaters are a fantastically entertaining escape.

To make this experience that much sweeter, I was thrilled to discover that all Regal, UA, and Edwards theaters are offering up to a million free bags of  popcorn to all movie-going patrons.  Simply go to their Facebook page, enter your mobile number, and a coupon for your free snack will be sent.  So beat the heat,  find a theater location near you, and take advantage of this tasty deal while you can!

1 thought on “Free Popcorn at Select Movie Theaters”

  1. I love movies but after big ticket price, don't have funds for 20 buck concession deals.
    Free is the best! It makes the popcorn taste better!
    Thank you!

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