Travel Tuesday: July 18


Whether it's a weekend getaway or the trip you've always dreamed about, everyone can travel if they budget and plan for it. We're here with the latest deals, cash back, and budget travel tips for this week's Travel Tuesday - here's to your next trip!

At Travelocity, there are plenty of deals to go around, including for an extra 15% off hotels with coupon code INSPIRE. Plus, BeFrugal is currently offering up to 7% cash back!

If you're ready to relax and rejuvenate, try Atlantis - you can currently save up to 50% AND receive up to $450 in resort coupons! Take a look at this deal on Expedia.

Consider the timing of your next vacation; WiseBread recommends off season and a few other tricks to save serious cash.

Huffington Post reveals 15 ways to save money on every aspect of travel, from dining to flying to free events.

One more thing before you go - we sent USA Today the best coupon code travel deals for the month of July; check 'em out before they expire!

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