Money Saving Monday: March 16

Money roll

Get excited, everyone: the first day of spring is right around the corner! With warmer weather on the brain, we're in the mood to celebrate. Do it on the cheap with these money-saving tips:

Headed to a housewarming party this spring? Skip the cliche bottle of wine and check out Forbes' list of 25 gifts under $25.

Bankrate lines up popular airlines to weigh the differences in add-on fees for air travel.

Arm yourself with knowledge for the next time you go into the popular superstore; AllYou has the reasons shoppers overspend at IKEA.

There's no such things as free money, right? Maybe there is - as Kiplinger points out - if you have unclaimed funds.

Stretch your vacation dollars and make your trip more valuable with these nine tips from Marketwatch.

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