How to Save Money on Valentine's Day Flowers

How to Save Money on Valentine's Day Flowers

If you're looking to surprise your sweetheart with flowers this Valentine's Day, first of all: well done. There's nothing like fresh flowers to make someone's day special! And second of all, if you're worried you're going to have to shell out serious cash, let us stop you right there. You can actually find great discounts on Valentine's Day flowers without compromising quality, as long as you know where to look (psst... look below!).

Tip #1: Look for online coupon codes. 

Before you order your flowers, look for coupon codes online. Many flower companies are offering special deals for Valentine's Day, and it's as easy as copying and pasting a code to save money on your order.

Tip #2: Click through a cash back website first before you order.

Ready to place your order? Not so fast. By taking an extra 10 seconds and clicking through a cash back shopping website first, you can earn back a percentage off your total. For example - on right now, 1-800-FLOWERS is offering 6% cash back, The Bouqs are offering 6% cash back, and ProFlowers is offering 15% cash back on your order. BONUS - you can combine coupon codes with cash back and *stack* your savings!

Tip #3: Check out Groupon.

One other place to check for discounts on Valentine's Day flowers is Groupon. You can search in your local area for offers up to 50% off, plus you can get cash back on your order from Groupon, too! Keep an eye out for other deals on restaurants and movie tickets to complete the date night.

Here are our freshly picked deals on flowers for Valentine's Day: