How to Find the Best Diaper Deals on the Web

I’m a mom with 2 small kids and we go through A LOT of diapers, so I’m constantly looking for ways to save both money and time! Check out the latest deals I found at

  1. 10% off any order at with coupon code PLUS10PCT.  Since this coupon is for a limited time only, be sure to check the latest coupons.
  2. Free Shipping. When first debuted, I was skeptical. Diapers are heavy (I know from carrying my fair share of extra value boxes!) so I thought even if I got a great deal, the shipping would kill me. But then I discovered that shipping is free if you spend $49. That’s easy to do considering most value boxes of diapers cost around $40.
  3. They take manufactures’ coupons. takes manufacturers' coupons and formula checks for all DIAPER, WIPES and FORMULA products that they sell, except the Kirkland brand.


Image courtesy of tiffanywashko