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We decided to compare BeFrugal’s coupons, cash back and customer service with website FatWallet. Here is a simple chart that lists the services offered at each website, and below we break down how they compare:

BeFrugal FatWallet
Online Coupons 50,000 stores 1,000+
Printable In-Store Coupons Yes No
Printable Grocery Coupons 3,000+ coupons No
Restaurant Coupons 250+ restaurants No
Online Coupon Quality Guaranteed to Work No
Coupons for IR Top 500 Stores* 100% 58%
Cash Back
Number of Stores 4,000 stores 1,500
Best Cash Back Guarantee Yes, 125% match No
% of IR Top 500 Stores* in CB program 75% 58%
Cash Back on Exclusive Local Deals Yes Yes
Customer Service
Email Support Yes Yes
Live Chat Yes No
Credit Card required? No No
Free Membership? Yes Yes
What's required to sign-up? Email address Email address

* = Internet Retailer's Top 500 Stores


BeFrugal offers online coupons from approximately 50,000 stores, including 100% of Internet Retailer’s Top 500 Stores. FatWallet offers coupons from over 1,000 stores, with 58% of the Top 500 stores.

BeFrugal offers in-store printable coupons, in addition to online coupon codes. BeFrugal also features approximately 3,000 grocery coupons, and offers coupons from over 250 restaurants. FatWallet does not have printable, grocery or restaurant coupons available.

BeFrugal includes a Guarantee to Work alongside every coupon code on its site. FatWallet does not offer any guarantee.

Cash back

BeFrugal offers cash back when shopping at 4,000 different stores, and will match 125% of a higher cash back rate through its Cash Back Guarantee. FatWallet has cash back available at 1,500 stores; they do not have a guarantee on cash back rates. 75% of the Internet Retailer Top 500 Stores are included in BeFrugal’s cash back program, and 58% are featured in FatWallet’s cash back program.

Both BeFrugal and FatWallet offer cash back on exclusive local deals (through Groupon or similar).

Customer Service

FatWallet and BeFrugal both provide email support to customers.

BeFrugal also offers live chat support from 8:00am – 4:30pm EST Monday through Friday. FatWallet does not have live support available.


There is no credit card required to sign up for either BeFrugal or FatWallet. Both BeFrugal and FatWallet offer a free membership with only an email address needed to join.

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