5 thoughts on “How BeFrugal Compares with Ebates”

  1. I, too, prefer Ebates. BeFrugal advertises higher cash back percentages, but good luck getting any. Ebates may have lower percentages, but at least you get them. Also, they both offer $10 for joining, but Ebates gives you a choice of having it in cash or a Walmart gift card--without any strings attached. BeFrugal will add $10 to your account, but only if you have a certain amount of cash back in the first 90 days (and if you aren't getting any, you aren't getting that $10 either).

  2. I have to agree with Sammi, BeFrugal does not pay out or least when I used it. Sites like MrRebates and Ebates may have lower rebates percentage but at least they pay out in a timely manner. The rebates seem so high at BeFrugal that it seems to good to be true. I think BeFrugal is collecting on the clicks than not paying out intentionally so they can keep the profits.

  3. Hi there, If we could offer you any advice for bettering your relationship with BeFrugal, it would be to quickly read the Terms & Conditions of the stores where you do your shopping in advance - we make these easily accessible on each store's cash back page. Knowing the exclusions and varying rates can better set up your expectations for what you will earn when you shop.

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