Five Frugal Ways to Celebrate Friendship Day


Friendship Day is approaching on Sunday, August 7, a good excuse to celebrate the relationship you have with your loved ones. There are plenty of different things you can do for your friends, but we have a list of activities and gifts that are not only fun, they’re also inexpensive.

  1. Binge Watching. A cheap fun activity you can do with a group of friends is spend the day binge watching your favorite friendship movies and shows. Simply choose what you want to watch, prepare some snacks, and relive some of your favorite on-screen moments together.
  1. Friendship Bracelets. One of the popular things to do with your best friends while growing up was make each other friendship bracelets. Now you can put a new spin on this DIY project by creating more sophisticated versions of your childhood favorites. Get creative and try these cool and easy adult friendship bracelet.
  1. Custom Gifts. Try something different and get your friends a custom gift they will love. Look for something your friends use on a regular basis and customize it with their name or a unique saying. Stores like Etsy and Amazon offer a wide variety of original yet inexpensive items that can be personalized to your liking for a special gift.
  1. Memories Album. Another great gift idea is making a specialized album for you and your friends that include all your favorite memories. You can gather all your photos together and make a high-quality scrapbook for a reasonable price. has low-priced album deals that let you choose from the album size, theme, and more.
  1. Flowers & Chocolate. For those looking for something simpler, you can always gift your friends a small bouquet with chocolates. Flowers and chocolate are among the most popular ways to make someone feel special and there are so many places where they can be purchased. If you want to combine the two favorites into one, Edible Arrangements has options for fruit bouquets that come with chocolate.

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