Beginner’s Guide and Shopping Tips for National Running Day

Beginner’s Guide and Shopping Tips for National Running Day
Global Running Day is June 1.

Now that things are heating up, starting a running routine is a great way to get healthy and active for summer! Running relieves stress, strengthens your lungs and immune system, helps with weight loss, and much more. Along with all these benefits, running is also a frugal way to get fit. It may make sense to spend money on a gym membership or fitness classes in the winter, but summer is the perfect opportunity to switch it up and take advantage of the great outdoors – for free!

Whether you are using a treadmill or going outside, we know that starting a running routine can be intimidating. Here are a few tips for beginners to get started:

  1. The Right Gear- Using regular sneakers to begin running is common for beginners. However, shoes that are specifically designed for running will make the overall experience a lot more comfortable. Running shoes are made to fit your feet snugly and help you strike the ground properly.
  2. Fuel- Before you begin your run, make sure you are hydrated with water and eating foods that help fuel your body, such as whole grains, fat-free yogurt, fruits and veggies. It is also helpful to take vitamins such as wheat protein and magnesium to increase your endurance.
  3. Stretching- It is important to stretch your body before any exercise to improve your flexibility and range, as well as decrease any chances of injury.
  4. Start Slow- You may be super enthusiastic to start running right away, but always remember to start off slow. This will make breathing easier while running as well as ensuring that you don’t tire yourself out too soon.

Now that you have these tips for a beginner's running routine, here are some deals to help you get started: