10 Tips To Live A Frugal Life

Frugal living means learning how to get the most out of everything without spending everything! Check out our tips below to help you live a frugal life without breaking the bank.


1. Eating at home. Eating at home is a great way to start saving money. Here are a list of 100 frugal meal ideas by FrugalityGal to help kick start your affordable in-home meals!


2. Limit your driving. This may be a piece of cake for city folks, however limiting your gas expenses will help save you money in the long run. If this is not an option, try and think about your trips before you make them, and ask yourself if you can combine a few trips into one or if it is necessary to make as many trips into town.


3. Shopping full price. If you wait long enough, there is a very high chance the items you are looking to purchase will go on sale. Retailers are constantly competing with each other, resulting in some amazing sales! Asking for discounts or finding coupons is a great way to start.


4. Pintrest. Whether it be holidays, birthdays, anniversaries etc. Pintrest is a great place to help you stay on budget when looking for gift ideas.  Believe it or not, you can create some amazing and thoughtful gifts using a lot of items you already have in your house.


5. Coffee, Coffee, & Coffee. Coffee statistics show that among coffee drinkers the average consumption in the United States is 3.1 cups of coffee per day. Make your own coffee at home. Buy an inexpensive coffee maker and brew your own coffee any time you want it. Make sure you have a to go cup as well for those pick me ups!


6. Double check your bills. It is important to not only keep track on your bills, but to make sure that you are paying the correct amount. Companies can make mistakes, so be sure you are not over paying.


7. Don't act on impulse. Take a step back and ask yourself if the purchase is a WANT or a NEED. Impulse buying will quickly jump start you into debt or simply spend money that could have gone somewhere else like your savings or towards a future bill.


8. Avoiding late fees. Set up payment reminders as well as auto pay if the option is available. Many companies will allow you to choose the day you prefer when signing up for auto pay. If you pay on time it will help you avoid late fees which can also effect your credit score.


9. Prepaid devices. Many mobile carriers are offering prepaid contracts/services.  You can also buy more minutes online if need be.


10. Using a clothesline. Drying your clothing can be done various ways. Using a clothesline is one simple yet effective way to dry your clothing without racking up the electricity bill each month.

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