Where in the World is the Cigar Guy?

With the $1000 that we have offered, we were hoping to have "unmoustached" and "unwigged" Mr. Cigar Guy by now. But he refuses to come out of his undisclosed location.

We can only wonder what he is up to - is he like Bigfoot or the Lochness Monster, to be seen every so often but never captured? Or is he going Deep Throat and will disclose his identity only to Bob Woodward, and only after his death?  Or is he going Dick Cheney and will remain at an undisclosed location and only come out to shoot his attorney?  Or is he really Stig, the infamous Top Gear racing driver?


All we know is that he has never been seen again.  We wait anxiously for our future spokesperson (with mighty cheap pants) and hope that $1000 will persuade him to come out.  As of now, our reward is still unclaimed.

6 thoughts on “Where in the World is the Cigar Guy?”

  1. Well, I won't get the 1000$, but I do believe the Mail has accurately discovered the identity of Cigar Guy... and he's an undiscovered as of yet... so, you've got your spokesperson.

    Rupesh Shingadia, a 30-year-old investment analyst from London.



    PS: If the Mail doesn't want the $1000, no sense in letting it go to waste. I'd be happy to put it to frugal use.

    James Pollock
    Private Investigator
    Bulldog Investigations and Security
    Virginia DCJS #11-6038

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