Tips to give gifts for less


Giving gifts can get expensive fast! We spoke to some of the experts about how they save:

  • Personal finance writer for Quentin Fottrell says to buy some gifts with family members and share the free shipping costs.
  • Matt Becker, blogger at, says it's all about understanding what the other person really values. He explains, "We often resort to expensive gifts when we don't really have any good ideas and we don't want to come off looking like we don't care. Taking some time to really think about the other person and what they they truly can help you find something meaningful without having to break the bank."
  • Hank Coleman from cashes in credit card rewards for holiday shopping. He shares, "My wife and I use our credit card rewards points to buy most of our Christmas and holiday gifts each year. Throughout the year, we try and use our reward credit cards for purchases and everyday expenses such as our rent, utilities, cable bill, and many other items even though we pay them these expenses off immediately every month. We save the credit card reward points throughout the year, and then we exchange the points for gift cards. Most reward programs have great gift card options that you can redeem them for a lot of stores."
  • Cristin Frank, blogger at sends out holiday cards selectively. She says, "I send out Christmas cards to more than 50 people. You can think of someone without giving them the obligation to feel they must reciprocate. Nothing works better than a greeting card for less than $1."
  • Harrine Freeman, blogger at, says to give a service. She lists these examples: Fix something in someone’s home, put together a stand or computer, pick up their mail, perform errands, babysit or clean.

How do you give gifts for less? Share your advice in a comment!

Image thanks to Govwin a Deltek Network on Flickr.

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