Dear Kanye

Kanye West
UTA Plaza
9336 Civic Center Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Dear Kanye,

As a fellow entrepreneur, I am impressed by your entrepreneurial spirit and accomplishments. And the popularity of your music speaks for itself. While I do not have a billion dollars to fund your ideas, I can help get you out of debt.

I will invest $53 million in you. The amounts released in 10 percent increments, conditioned as detailed below:

  1. Create music and art that is a positive to society and enriches people’s lives. And I mean positive for American society, not Kazakhstan. The music should be popular and sell well.
  2. Earn a positive return on my investment. Your music and projects should generate sufficient cash flow to earn an appropriate return on the $53 million investment.
  3. Reform your profligate ways and start to be frugal. No $40,000 fur coats or sending your personal assistant to Milan to shop for you. My CFO will audit your lifestyle and review all your expenses.

This offer is 100% serious, but conditional on my due diligence including evaluation of the merits of your projects and of course, your expenses. In order to get the process started, and to discuss specific terms of my proposal, I will fly you to Boston for a meeting. Proof of funds, airline tickets and hotel reservation attached. This letter is also on its way to you via Fedex.


Jon Lal
Founder and CEO,
P.O. Box 51607
Boston, MA 02205

P.S.: Please be nice to Taylor Swift. My daughters love her.

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2 thoughts on “Dear Kanye”

  1. This is great but with his attitude and life style he lives and the way he thinks he should interrupt people receiving their awards he is not worth the time. He made his bed let him fall off of it.

    P.S. I would like a garage and I promise $20.000.00 for my garage would be money better spent. God bless

  2. Why give so much money to someone who as already proven they can't manage their money, instaed there are so many more people who live below poverty level who could use the money you so graciously offered. This could go towards our beautiful children whom have never had the extra's in life that he has already had and squandered.

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