25 New Cash Back Stores Added This Week: Phillips, Body Glove and More

At BeFrugal we are always adding new cash back stores. There are 3,000+ stores.

25 were added this week to help you save more during your online shopping!

Check out these recently added stores where you can now earn cash back through BeFrugal:

  1. Philips: up to 6% cash back
  2. Saber Guard: 25% cash back
  3. Catch a Piece of Maine: 8% cash back
  4. Quality Trays: 10% cash back
  5. NextWorth: 10% cash back
  6. 1800-Cheap-Tools: 7% cash back
  7. potpourrigifts: 5% cash back
  8. Catalog Favorites: 5% cash back
  9. North Style: 5% cash back
  10. Country Store: 5% cash back
  11. The Stitchery: 5% cash back
  12. In the Company of Dogs5% cash back
  13. Nature’s Jewelry: 5% cash back
  14. Pyramid Collection: 5% cash back
  15. Whatever Works: 5% cash back
  16. Serengeti Catalog: 5% cash back
  17. Young Explorers: 5% cash back
  18. Back in the Saddle: 5% cash back
  19. Expressions Catalog: 5% cash back
  20. Body Glove: 5% cash back
  21. domeo: 5% cash back
  22. Smooth Move: 12% cash back
  23. All Day Parts10% cash back
  24. Precor Fitness: 8% cash back
  25. Taylor Made Golf: 6% cash back

Click Cash Back Terms on that store's page to get all the details on the cash back rate. Don't forget to sign in and click through BeFrugal to shop at the store so you earn cash back on your purchase.

These rates were valid 12/14/12 and may change.

Image credited to TaxBrackets.org

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