Enter to Win $100!

Hey, BeFrugal shoppers! To kick off the 2022 holiday shopping season, we are giving away $100 to one of our loyal members. To enter, just complete this short survey between now and Nov. 23, 2022 for a chance to win $100!

Survey takes under 2 minutes. Open to all BeFrugal members. Not a BeFrugal member, join here.


This Giveaway Has Expired.  Thanks to everyone who participated and congratulations to the lucky winner, Tim. D.!


Final results of the survey...

How are you planning to do your holiday shopping this season?

All of my shopping online - 21.9%
Most of my shopping online - 47.1%
Even split between online and in-store shopping - 23.4%
Most of my shopping in-store - 4.3%
All my shopping in-store - 1.1%
Not going to shop online or in-store - 2.3%


Which of the following are you planning on using to save money this holiday season?

Store sales and promotions - 81.3%
Coupons and promo codes - 77.2%
Cash Back - 74.5%
Hand-picked deals - 35.0%
None of the above - 1.8%



This sweepstakes subject to BeFrugal Terms & Conditions. Be on the lookout for more giveaways and promotions to come!