McAlister's Deli

McAlister's Deli

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Comments (9)


sbogomol25 Says...

great food

jennyjet19 Says...

We love to travel a few miles out of the way to eat at the Destin, FL location. Great service, atmosphere, and the variety of food. Large portion sizes, and very reasonable prices. Thanks. -Jenny Diamond Says...

Good healthy choices, good service, fair price. I use the tea card all the time. It's a good program, the best of it's kind.

marinenam Says...

Our FAVORITE place to dine out...for lunch or dinner. Great selection of salads, sandwiches, wraps, soups, and more. The price is right, the service is cordial, and you really enjoy the BEST sweet tea in town! Enough said...time to go back to McAlister's.

Val Says...

We go to the Shawnee, OK location. The first few times we went, they screwed up our sandwich orders. They're better now, but pricey for what you get. It tastes good.

nikki Says...

We have a Mcalisters in Weatherford Texas. We have been several times and the food is always fresh and the service is sublime. 5 stars all the way!!

J. Harrison Says...

We have two McAllisters that we frequent, I-45 S in Webster and Galveston, TX. Great food and friendly service! Love the TEA!!!

BDR Says...

The Highlands - Arlington, Texas. Never been let down. I give this place 4.5 stars for sure.

Joe Smith Says...

I wouldn't give it a star at all. I spent $35.00 for 4 people. The soup was cold, bowls were half full. The tea tasted old. Sandwiches were good. Our group eats there about 2 times a week always good, but not this time. Would like to hear from somebody? 806-535-2514