Deals of the Week - 12/11/09


The Holidays are fast approaching and anyone looking to do their holiday shopping online should order soon to avoid paying for expedited shipping fees. I have done about half of my shopping so far (all of it online) and I plan on finishing all my shopping this weekend. For the past few years, I have set a goal of doing all my shopping online, but usually I end up making at least a couple of trips to the mall. This year, I have found a ton of great deals online and I might actually get all my shopping done without stepping foot near a mall!

Save on Personalized Holiday Gifts!

Family Cookie Jar from Personalization Mall

When trying to figure out gifts for everyone on my list, I always strive to get gifts that are unique, memorable and, of course, that my family and friends will love! Personalized gifts are an excellent way to put a smile on the face on loved ones during the holidays. With access to so many amazing online stores, now it’s easier than ever to pick out the perfect personalized gift for anyone on your list.