National Junk Food Day: How to Make Your Favorites at Home

National Junk Food Day

Junk food is not only delicious, but often cheaper and more accessible. However, your favorite snacks can lead to a series of health issues over time, so they are best enjoyed in moderation. Fortunately there are many homemade options to recreate these treats that are also better for you. We have a few quick and ... Read moreNational Junk Food Day: How to Make Your Favorites at Home

DIY Ice Cream for Chocolate Ice Cream Day

Chocolate Ice Cream Day

June 7th is Chocolate Ice Cream Day, a holiday where we can enjoy the best of both worlds for summer treats. The only thing better than chocolate ice cream is homemade chocolate ice cream. Homemade ice cream is not only fun to make, it gives you the freedom to add any additional ingredients to spice ... Read moreDIY Ice Cream for Chocolate Ice Cream Day

Dining In: Homemade Pizza


There are always a few nights during the week when I just don't feel like cooking, but I also don't want to spend a lot of money. Ordering a pizza usually pops into my mind, and then after thinking about, I realize that our favorite large pizza (enough to feed my boyfriend and myself, and have some leftovers) will come to around $20. If I decide to have it delivered, it's even more. For me, the perfect solution is to make my own pizza. It's cheap, quick, and simple, which is why even if I don't feel like cooking, making a pizza is always a great option.